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Cedar Shingles Technical Information


Cedar shingles are divided into categories that provide for choice depending on application, desired look and budget

A Extra No Imperfections Roofing and Walls
B Clear No Knots on exposed face Steeper roofing and walls*
C 2nd Clear May be knots on exposed face ** Walls with rustic appearance

*Roof slope must be 4/12 or greater
**Knots MAY be present but are sound

wpe5.jpg (35061 bytes) Grade A “Extra Clear” Knot free Generally paler and more homogeneous in colour

Grade B “Clear” (not shown) Similar to A, but may contain knots in top (unexposed)

Grade C “2nd Clear” May contain sound knots in exposed portion More varied and potentially darker in appearance

Need to know quantity of shingles to order, coverage, exposure, nail requirments Cedar shingle calculations
Installation Instructions (short version) Simplified installation Instructions
Installation Instructions (EN)
Version Française (FR)
Cedar Shingle Installation Instructions
Bardeaux de Cedre Mode de Pose
Protecting your building from termites - Forintek Article - Sept 2002 Combating Termites
Durability Study - Canadian Cedar shingles (EN)
Durabilité du cèdre (FR)
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Étude de durabilité
Version Française
Questions and Answers
Questions et Réponses

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